Traveling? If you are out of town and only have access to very rudimentary equipment, we suggest the following workouts:



Wheelin (need pullup bar or alt.)

Frog Hop Burpees

OTC - abs (sans counter)

Burp - O - Rama

FitZoner (need pullup bar or alt)

Hit the Deck (need deck of cards)

150 - Block - 150 - Block

Up Downs (sub whistle for, at least, 4 interruptions per minute)

Run, Lunge, Ext

Hit the Deck 2X (advanced)

Run & Lunge

Row, Pushup, Run, Situp (sub row for 15 burpees)

Runnin & Burpin

Pin Ball

Ab Sandwich

Run 2 timed miles (rest as needed between)

Run 5k (3.2mi.)