AMRAP for 30 min.

Spin the wheel of happiness and health (pictured below).  Complete 30 reps (10 if pullups) of whatever the wheel feels you need to work on (the Wheel knows best), then run 400m AFAP.  If offsite - select exercises from hat.  

Post workout selected for you by the Wheel and number of runs to comments. 


GPP respectfully rejects the notion of exercise as sport.  We feel that exercise is the means to an end.  It is not the end means. It is our contention that exercise is meant to serve its participant.  Not the other way around.  It is our unfortunate experience that the pursuit of more and more fitness leads, eventually, to the participant serving the exercise.  It is a pursuit we will gladly leave to others.  We see more benefit in taking the effort we were about to use to exponentially increase our fitness and put it toward things we truly enjoy in life (hobbies, family, helping others). 

For us, the notion of doing even ONE more rep than is ABSOLUTELY necessary for optimal health is needless.  We are minimalists.  We seek only to do enough exercise to fully reap ALL the benefits of life (these are many) and to avoid life's perils (also many). 

Our workouts and nutrition plans are rough.  Needfully so sometimes.  Although we are minimalists we are willing to do ALL it takes create and sustain health.  We realize this requires more than normal effort, tolerance and accountability.  For its rewards we embrace this and NO more. 


It is all-knowing.  BTW - special thanks to Ann Spencer for a great workout idea!