Complete 5 "giant" sets of:

8 weighted pushups AHAP
10 OH DB strict press AHAP
20 bench dips

Rest no more than 30 secs between exercises. 
Rest as needed between giant sets.  
Post weights used for WPU & strict presses and Rx for dips to comments.   


Lizz - in response to Curious (several comments from the top)

"Health isn't just about what you weigh. At GPP we believe that health is balance emotionally, socially, financially, mentally, spiritually, and then physically. We believe that accessing your physical fitness is the catalyst to accessing those other, important, aspects of health. When working out at GPP you can achieve physical fitness through a very specific method and it's tough and it hurts and it requires some sacrifice: but not at the expense of total health. We encourage families to be active together, we encourage using your hard earned physical fitness to help others and enjoy all that life has to offer."