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Squats and Pulls


Squats and Pulls

Workout Notes:

Changed it up for a little more emphasis on arms today!

Not on the clock during the workout. Just stay busy.

Staying busy should keep you HR up a smidge. It’s intended but not at the expense of the HEAVY!

Before you perform your first “work set” take 2 or 3 warm-up sets with a lighter weight of each movement.

Perform HEAVY reps at high speed without sacrificing form.

Perform the warm-ups by progressively getting faster and faster. Not to the point of poor form though.

Perfect form on those back squats! If you have a little back trouble, keep the movement a little shallow today. We have a VERY long time to get lower and lower. It’ll come. Don’t force it today.

Weight those lunge steps if you are breezing them.