Each individual gets to PICK which REPS go with which MOVEMENT. Begin by picking which movement you want to do 100 reps of. Then 90, then 80 and so on down to 10. You may not do the same movement or rep scheme twice. CHOOSE WISELY!

For time:

The REPS are: 100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10


air squats

KB swings 25/35
thrusters 45/65
power cleans 65/95
calories burned on rower
lunges (R+L=1)

Post rep scheme per movement and total time of the workout.

Workout Notes:

  1. 100 calories on a rower takes a VERY long time!

  2. Pro tip: One thing to NEVER do during burpees

  3. How to do a kipping pullup (see vid R)

  4. Power Cleaning for Beginners

  5. Special THANK YOU to Shmoopy for another GPP original!

Musings …

The Anderson Clan Becomes Farmers … Again!

I haven’t farmed in 30 years. I left the farm in the 80s and ran. Almost never went back. I mean, I stopped in and gave the folks a hand every now and again, but I can’t honestly say I never stayed around long enough to finish any actual project, especially the big ones.

That changes this year.

Pop isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore. Hell, for that matter neither am I. He needs more help than he used to. He’s been farming all his life (mostly alone for the last decade) and although he can still work most people I know into the ground, his workload seems to get bigger and bigger each year. So Linds and I volunteered ourselves and our brood to be farmers on the weekends until after harvest this year!

Going to share our adventures of using our fitness with you! Here are some pics of our first farming weekend.

Lou mans the flame thrower to burn ditches. Linds wrestles with a 100 y/o cultipacker. I swear a lot at said cultipacker! That door is literally sitting in a field in the middle of nowhere - for NO apparent reason. Seriously, we were driving by when we saw it and had to stop and take a pic.