For time:

20 squats (air)
200m run

30 squats (air)
400 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

30 squats (air)
400m run

20 squats (air)
200 m run

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Daily Extras - If you REALLY know yourself - use a jump squat

Workout Notes:

  1. Not your typical Tuesday squat workout, but we’ve been SUPER low on running all year. Well, lower than usual due to poor weather. Plus we’ve been going heavier with legs this spring, so this will be a good balancing workout,.

  2. Note the two 800s back to back.

  3. Squats are named for how they are weighted.

  4. No sloppy squats!

  5. Many of you should be doing the extras today.

Proud of these chicas!