Complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds "work" followed by 10 seconds rest of:

400 m run
tap down crunches
400 m run
jumping pullups
400 m run
box jumps
400 m run

Post total reps completed for each exercise to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Row as far as possible in 4 min
50 v-twists 15/20 (R+L=1)
50 tic tocks R 25/35
50 tic tocks L 24/35

Workout Notes: 

  1. It's hard to keep count on a workout like this. Try though. It'll give you something to shoot for when it comes up next.

  2. Runs are not done Tabata style

  3. This week has not been programmed as usual due to the Monday holiday. Today’s workout fills some of the holes we had during the week.

  4. Hold that tap down crunch at the top for a second.

  5. Need a refresher course in the GPP squat? Watch the series “You Don’t Know Squat!”
    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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