Warm-up with three rounds of:

10 pushups (strict)
10 burpees
2 min plate switches


Complete 5 rounds of:

5 Smith bench presses AHAP
12 stab chest flys AHAP
25 BB skull crushers AHAP
Rest until fully recovered

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the “Burpee Challenge”

Rookies complete - 6 burpees
Experienced Peeps complete - 7 burpees
Vets complete - 8 burpees

Workout Notes:

  1. We all got so sore from this one last Tuesday, I pulled it on you again!

  2. Rest after each round until you are fully recovered. This will take a minimum of 2 min.

  3. Will need to be open to sharing equipment. Please look around and let folks work in with you. Invite the rookies. They aren’t likely to ask.

  4. Today skull crusher should be done lying on the ground. If you are advanced, try them from a stab ball.

  5. Just spit balling with the extras. Dare you to try it. Rookies ignore. Meh, maybe don’t.

  6. If you have experience with a real bench press, go ahead an load it up. Get a spotter. Remember, we can use the squat rack as a bench press if there are enough benches available.

Musings …

Thoughts on the “Burpee Challenge.”