AMRAP in 25 min:

250 m row
10 deadlifts AHAP
10 OH DB press (strict) AHAP
10 lat pull downs AHAP
1 lap elliptical 6/8 (<65 rpm)
1 min standing spin bike sprint

Post rounds completed and weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras - Complete 5 burpees (for an explanation of why, please watch the FB vid below. Don’t want to watch the whole thing? Skip to 9:46.

Commit to add 1, 2 or 3 burpees per day, every day, for the next 30 days!

Those who are new should only commit to adding 1 per day.
Those who are experienced should commit to adding 2 per day EVERY DAY!
Those who are experienced vets should commit to adding 3 per day EVERY DAMN DAY!

Let me know which you have committed to in comments.

Workout Notes:  

  1. I've been dishing out HELL-beatin's since NYD. Backed off a bit last week, but this week we are back on!  

  2. The intention of this workout is to spike your HR with a sprinted row + heavy weights then force it to recover under moderate activity.

  3. To get the most out of this workout, come a little early and play with the weights you'll be using during the workout. Start light then find 85% of your 10 RM for each of the weight exercises above. I need you at or near your 10 rep max (RM) throughout the workout. Only when you are ready though. Rookies don't even try it. 

  4. To give you an idea, Rob H. pulled a 185 for DL, 13 on the pull-downs and used 40s OH! 

  5. Now, plow this thing!

Musings …


0:00 - talking about the overall programming this month.
2:55 - talking about the workout.
3:22 - Any trainer who would do this should be ignored.
4:25 - Please don’t do this …
9:46 - Burpee Challenge!
12:56 - Question from Instagram: Are these workouts that people with back injuries should do?