AFAP with great form: 
Complete each of the five couplets of exercises 3 times before moving to the next couplet. May complete couplets in any order.

first couplet: 
10 sumo side steps R with plate 10/25  
10 sumo side steps L with plate 10/25
20 burpees on plate

second couplet:
20 press jacks 15/20 ea.
20 situps

third couplet: 
20  KB high sumos 35/53
200 jump ropes

fourth couplet:
20 step back lunges (R+L=1) with DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
1 min spin bike sprints

fifth couplet:
20 jump squats
200m sprint

Post done and extra weights used to comments. 

Daily Extras -         

Add another round to each couplet.            
Sub jumping goblet squats 15/20 for jump squats

Workout Notes (from Linds):

  • This workout could be done for time, but form is also important for a few of these movements (i.e. sumo sidesteps, high sumos and weighted step back lunges). Do these movements quickly but with concentrationon form.  Keep your chest high, no tweaked backs today.
  • Move quickly to and from each movement and between each couplet. Make it worth your fitness.
  • Biking and runs are full out SPRINTS!
  • Keep your elbows higher than your wrists on the high sumos.
  • Both arms come up on the biceps curl at the same time (not alternating) when you step back into the lunge. Also, that means 40 curls, so swing those suckers (not strict curls).
  • No bike? Do mountain climbers for 1 min. Ouch!
  • There will be a lot going on on the floor today, be aware of those around you.
  • Vets do the extra rounds and weighted jump squats suggested in the extras.
  • P.S. There is a good chance we will be heavy on legs this week.


This week's programming is brought to you by Lindsay Kossin.

Mother of 4, RN, salty GPP vet of many years and one of the finest examples of health and fitness you'll find. Chica is strong and has an engine too. No weak spots in her fitness. Be looking for a few squats this week. 

We'll all be seeing a lot more of this guy.