For time:

30 burpees
200 m run
40 jumping pullups
200 m run
50 pushups
200 m run
75 situps
200 m run
75 KB high sumos 25/35
200 m run

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Daily Extras - 2 rounds AFAP of:

200 m arms only row
200 m legs only row
200 m biceps row
200 m triceps row

Workout Notes:

  1. See what we did there? 

    It's like our "Citizenship" workout, just without the team. On average, many teams did reps similar to the ones recommended above. Be looking for the team component of this workout SOON! 

  2. If it is bad weather where you are, the run here is easily sub'd for a 1 min equivalent (JR, burpees, elliptical 8/10, spin bike, box jumps) plus you always have the 200 m row. 

  3. Pushups are standard "snaked" style. 

  4. Keep those elbows higher than your wrists on the high sumos. If your wrists are bent, it's a pretty good bet that you are putting stress on the shoulder joint.

  5. The GPP Jumping Pullup

Q: Why are we always doing cardio types of workouts on Saturdays? 

A: Because we are done! IF you came M-F, you have achieved a fitness that is complete & balanced.

Saturdays are extra credit. They are the hardest for me to program because the health and fitness nerd (plus OCD) in me can't wrap its mind around throwing out a workout that doesn't quite fit. 

Sometimes, especially in fitness, 1+1=0! Adding a workout can take away from one you've already done. So, for the most part, you get cardio and high rep stuff on Saturdays. 

IF you've done all the workouts this week, the programmed Saturday workout won't take away from what you've done. I've made sure of this. However, if you've missed one, you'd be better served making up for it. 


These should be in by Friday next week. They come with the extra 200 lbs weight stacks and preacher curl attachments. Super cool! We got 4!