25 min AMRAP:

20 floor to OH 15/20 ea.
20 pushups
20 situps
200 m run

Post rounds completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

Multiply rounds completed by 200m. Run that many additional meters. 

Workout Notes:

  1. Remember, DBs must touch shoulders on the way by. IOW you may not snatch the DBs to OH.
  2. Pushups are standard (snaking).
  3. Any time we do high volume floor to OH there is a very real chance of DOMS within the next day or two. Prevention is key here!

If you have a weak stomach ... I suggest you look away.

In my entire life I have never done this kind of shot. Ever. Not gonna lie. It's kinda liberating. And the thing is, I can't be asking you for "before" pics next Monday (challenge meeting starts at 7 pm) if I'm not willing to do myself. So, this is my "before." I publicly declare I will publish my "after" pics on January 2nd of 2017 (good or bad). I plan to gain several pounds of muscle and lose 10 lbs of fat over the next 2 months. I'll tell you my plan for "HOW" Monday night. Would love to have you follow along. 

Yesterday Jonesy was like, "Is this gonna be one of those things you'll start and not finish?"

She makes a good point.

Well, that'll be harder to do now. I'm asking for your help keeping my feet to the fire throughout this challenge. And if you'll do it for me, I'll do it back for you. Community is key. I have always thought so.

What do you think? You in? Cause, I'm ALL in! See you Monday!