Rotate through the following 3 exercises x 8 rounds. Every :30s you should be doing a different exercise. It is NOT all three exercises every :30s.

8 front squats 65/95
8 pullups
8 OH push press 65/95

After you've completed your 8 rounds of "Crazy Eights" rest 3 mins. Then complete:

500 rope jumps
2 laps elliptical 8/10
4 min spin bike

Workout Notes: 

  • Experiment with the weights. Crazy Eights should leave you in a writhing pile of muddled sweat and tears by the end. 65/95 will not serve the saltiest of vets. 
  • Remember, this is a 12 minute all out blow! Push yourself (vets only). 
  • Post weights used to comments. 

Seems wise.