1 time through.  Not timed.

35 pushups
300 rope jumps
35 pullups
400m run
35 KB high Sumos 35/53
35 box jumps
35 OH DB press (strict) 15/20
500m row
35 OH triceps ext 15/25
100 KB swings 

Post "done" to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Compelte 3 super sets of:

6-8 OH triceps ext (heavy)
12-15 uni triceps kick backs R (moderate)
12-15 uni triceps kick backs L (moderate)
rest 90-120 sec

Post weights used to comments

Workout Notes:

  • You're not on the clock today. Just get your HR up and keep it there. To do this effectively, you'll have to be looking ahead. Know where you are going next and make quick transitions from one exercise to the next.

  • Can I partition? NO - It's like 35 reps!  Try to get them all in one go! 

How Does "HEALTHY" look? 

It's not easy to get healthy. It's a pain, really. But, it is ALWAYS worth it and it ALWAYS shows. On the other side of the coin, for those who choose not to be healthy - it's NEVER worth it and it ALWAYS shows. 

Common sense, right? Not everyone agrees. 

Having participated in my share of (mostly hostile) online "discussions," I realize the body image debate is sketchy territory to cross. Say the wrong thing here and it's OFF WITH HIS HEAD! 

Still, the fact remains, GENERAL HEALTH and GENERALLY HEALTHY LOOKING are, as they should be, inextricably linked. In other words, body image counts. Well, a HEALTHY body image does. Nobody is debating this. The real debate is over that word - HEALTHY.   

There is a faction of apologists in the world who would have you believe that regardless of  your size, shape and/or proportion you can still be considered healthy. This just isn't so. One of the best ways our body has of telling us it's unhealthy is through visual cues. Color, pallor, weight, proportion and etc. are still the best ways your doctor has of recognizing illness. Anyone who would deny this, would deny themselves a very valuable tool for assessing and obtaining health. 

Unfortunately, on the other hand, there is a faction of elitists in the world who believe the rank of "healthy" can only be achieved by those whose body image does not fall short of "perfection." This group of folks, somehow, have gained the majority in shaping our perceptions of ourselves. Oddly and maybe conveniently, none of these elitists have ever defined "perfection." It's also noteworthy to add, those who have tried to define perfection are pretty quick to participate in many dangerous and risky behaviors to obtain their own definition of perfect. 

Each of these factions has demonized the other. That they have done so dams our progression as a society and complicates our quest for a healthier existence. There is a beautiful debate to be had on the issue of "How HEALTHY looks." It is a debate that has potential to help many to avoid the innumerable pitfalls of perception. But this debate seems doomed until the vocal minority is silenced, which will happen only when the silent majority speak up!

I think Sean Stephenson (pic) does a great job starting the discussion. Cool Vid.

1 Minute with Sean: Sean exposes an ugly excuse for being out of shape.

Posted by Sean Stephenson on Friday, August 21, 2015