Warm up:

Warm-up -  3 sets of each.

1 min stab plank holds
10 bar pushups

Workout -  5 supersets of each.

8-12 reps of stab chest press AHAP
15-20 reps of stab chest flys AHAP

Post weights and reps used per set to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

In addition to the DW perform:

50 monster complexes 45/65
800m row

Post done to comments.

Workout Notes:

Ever wonder what the difference is between a press and a fly? 

It has to do with forearm position during a multi-joint DB or cable/band movement. More specifically the slope of the forearm, or angle at the elbow joint.    

At the bottom of the movement, while lying on your back with arms abducted (horizontally and laterally), if your wrists are stacked directly above the elbows and there is a 90 deg (or smaller) angle at the elbow joint (see bottom L), you are pressing.  

At the bottom of the movement, while you are lying on your back, if your wrists are aligned outside of the elbows (arms abducted horizontally and laterally), and the angle at the elbow joint is greater than 90 degrees your doing a fly. (See bottom R)

To make it simpler, look for the slope of the forearm. Stacked straight up or sloped in = pressing. Sloped out = fly.  

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