For time:

20 power squat cleans 45/65
19 power squat cleans 45/65
2 burpees
18 power squat cleans 45/65
3 burpees
17 power squat cleans 45/65
4 burpees
16 power squat cleans 45/65
5 burpees ...

Continue subtracting 1 PSC and adding 1 burpee per round until you have completed 20 rounds each.  The workout is complete after you have completed your 1 rep round of PSCs and your 20 rep round of burpees in sequence.  

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

What? We are still doing daily extras even though the first 21 days of this month are going to be rough. 


Extra = cover 1 mile. Walk it, hike it, jog it, run it, row it, jump it (1000 rope jumps). Whatever. Just cover it - AFAP!

What's the big challenge this year?

Sticking with it. ALL YEAR ... and then the next, and so on.

Want to know what doesn't make sense? Starting something as beneficial (for yourself and others) as getting healthy and then stopping later on when you get too "busy," or don't have enough time.

Want to know what makes even less sense? Never starting at all. 

Improved health is almost always a choice. You either make this a priority in your life, or you don't. Wan't magic? You won't find it here. Hate to burst your bubble, but you won't find it anywhere. It doesn't exist. No 21 day challenge, food supplement, fitness regime, etc., will replace common sense and dogged determination to succeed. 

If you can muster the strength (inner and outer) to bring those 2 characteristics to bare on this effort - GPP has the proven methodology and techniques to help. It's time to engage friend - fully. Let's get after it.

We offer you the following challenges (these will change weekly):

1. Hang with us for the next 21 days. 

Over the next 21 days we are going to put it on you. Think of the next 18 workouts as an extended HELLth week. That's 6 workouts per week for 3 weeks of our "ROUGHEST." Please do all of them, including the extras. Those who do, will be light-years ahead and are more likely to succeed.

Rookies: as always, scale as needed. Vets: push yourself to the edge without going over. 

2. Eat only non-processed natural foods. If it has a mother, or if it looks like it did when it was harvested - eat it. If not - don't. Think meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and dairy. 

This week, you may process these foods and combine them as you see fit. If somebody else did the processing for you - it's out. 

You may eat as much of it as you need, but keep balance in mind. Remember the GPP Nutritional Guidelines. This week's challenge is not about restricting calories (use common sense, though). It is about (re)developing our natural pallet. It's about re-defining our taste for natural foods. We have all year to start restricting. It's best if we start here.  

3. Actively develop your support network. Having a support group is crucial to being successful. Networking is what makes us successful as a society. It's time to recruit others. If you don't have a friend who will be as committed to this as you are, please reach out - make one. 

There is much support here on this site and on our social network pages (except twitter - not even sure why we have a twitter page). We know people who are workout partners who have never been eyeball to eyeball. 

It's easy to lurk in the background. Putting yourself "out there" means letting others know you are trying. If others know you tried, they will also know it if you fail (you won't as long as you never stop). This has NO downside. NONE. 

It's time to stop keeping this to yourself. Being a friend to others in need enhances your health. Accepting friendship from outside of your current circles does too.

4. Collect baseline measurements. You can't know how far you've come without first knowing where you started from. The more you know - the better. You don't have to do all of the following, but these may help. 

a. Know your weekly average weight. Take your daily weight (hint: first thing in the morn after the bathroom). Add 7 together. Divide by 7. Note: If it messes with your mind to weigh yourself daily - don't. 
b. Get baseline measurements. We can do this for you, or check out THIS vid for tips. 
c.  Take before & after photos. Get as bare as you dare. Take a widescreen, full body shot. When framed up, the very tip of your flattened hair and your toenails should be out of the shot. Make sure photos are time/date stamped. Background should be as plain (white) as possible. 

 That is enough, for now. Plenty actually. These three challenges ALONE will be all some of us will need to be successful, but alas, there will be more. :)   

One last thing we want you to consider today:

Just think where you'd be RIGHT NOW if you'd have started this last year!     

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Heat is not your friend this week. Prevention is key and ice may help.