For time:

1000 rope jumps
1000 m row
200 KB swings 25/35
200 press jacks 15/20 ea.
100 squats
100 situps

This will be a LONG one.  Clock will start exactly on schedule.
You may NOT partition.
Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Cover 1 mile. Walk it, hike it, jog it, run it, row it, jump it (1000 rope jumps). Whatever. Just cover it - AFAP!

Workout Notes:

One down! 17 to go. For the next 3 weeks we'll be throwing our worst at you. 

Go SMART at this. Seriously. The biggest challenge over the next 21 days won't be doing all the reps. The glory of that will fade by Wednesdays workout. Trust me. The only glory will be in doing all 21 days while giving it your best effort. Just show up. Get your backside through the door NO MATTER how bad you feel. Just get here. Do something. You've got the guts. You do!  

Lose Your Story - (Musings by Neil)

I've been giving the "Lose Your Story" speech for years now. Went looking for it yesterday to put it up on the post. Couldn't find it. Turns out, I've never written it. 


It's not gentle. I guess that's why I've never written it. Actually, it's the only kind of "gentle" that matters. It's real. But, if you are in a shoddy mood after stupid "Spector," you might want to give it a miss for a day, or two. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Better still, share it with your friends (FB?) and I can see their comments too. I'll post to FB to make it easier.

Super interested to see how Jonesy's body reacts to "Specter" today. She's been doing a full on "Thrust-O-Rama" every week for the last 7 weeks to prepare for HELLth Week X3. I'm only 8 hours post "Spector" am already sore. You? Jonesy?