30 pushups (strict)
30 straight leg situps
3 sets of 30 seconds ea. piriformis stretch and low back stretch


5-5-5-5-5 sets ea side of:

Single Arm Snatch AHAP

Post weights per set to comments.



Q : "I am on Day 3 of the reset. I have been perfect. I've even been drinking my CHO out of a measuring cup so I know exactly what I am putting in. I have had 2 Fruits and a veggie already today. I have yet to Rx a workout - I am on 2/3's right now working my way to doing all the rounds.

Here is my question - I am planning on going on BURST after the reset. 1200/day is easy to follow. The BURST day is confusing. Up to 3200? Of what? Just more of what I have been eating on the 1200 days? A little bit of "what I want"?

Not knowing how to eat has been my problem for years. I like that I have a set plan to follow. BURST just worries me as it seems open ended. Any help would be great...."

A:  This is a great question.  One that many have asked.  Thank you for it Dan.  And congrats for sticking with the Cleanse for 3 full days.  Would love a report when you are done. 

One of the things that makes folks so successful on BCD (it has helped thousands lose weight and keep it off) is its simplicity.  The second you start to complicate this diet is the second you are more likely to fail.   

Once you get on a roll with your healthier eating habits, STAY ON IT!  The less you stray from what is working, the more successful you'll be.  To do it right, simply eat the foods listed in the portion sizes suggested.  To increase calories on your day "off," with BCD the best thing to do is increase portions of what the diet already calls for.  This will require a little work in terms of learning portion sizes and calories, but putting the work into this will help keep you on track.  If you are looking for a good meal plan (cause you can't stand the thought of one more spoonful of cottage cheese) check out one of OURS.     

Now, if you (like me) simply NEED some pizza, or chocolate, or whatever - "off" day (day 4) is the best and ONLY time for it.  Many find that periodically having a day to eat some of their favorite foods will actually keep them on track with the BCD.  The thing is, if you find yourself straying because of the "off" day - you might want to reconsider those fav foods and just stick with eating clean until you get to your desired weight.  Cheats are fine periodically.  It is when cheats become the norm that you become derailed.  Good luck friend.  Let us know how it goes.  



DW & BC do Mueller Park up to Elephant Rock.  ROUGH STUFF!  If you are into MTN biking, you need to try those 4" wheels.  Bikes were loaners from  Contender Bicycles.  Go check them out. 

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