4 rounds for time:

400 m run
20 KB swings 25/35
20 OH DB press (strict) 15/20
250 m row
20 Aussie pullups
20 ski squats med/heavy

Post time to comments.


We don't mind working out in the wind and rain.  Really, we don't mind working out in the cold.  But, ICE is another thing altogether.  If you live where there is ice, it's best not to run in it.  Hike it, climb it, walk it (cautiously with the right footwear), but you probably shouldn't run. 

A pretty constant alt. for a 400m run is any full body movement lasting approximately 2 min (today only).  Burpees, high knee band sprints, box jumps, plate switches and YES even the elliptical at your local gym will all suffice. 

Running is always best.  There is just something natural and, sort of magic about running that helps your body to become fit.  However, where you can't - you just can't.  Where this is the case, (and ONLY temporarily) alt. with a 2 min sub.  Please post sub to comments.  


photo 1 (4).JPG

Steve (middle, blue shirt) does this stretch after every class.  It's a ritual for keeping limber.  He calls it the "cowboy stretch." Lou, Bob & I gave it a shot. 

"You have to do it for a whole minute before it does any good."  - Steve

Do you have any helpful pre/post workout rituals?  Please share to comments.