4 rounds for time:

5 monster complexes 75/95
250 m row (sprint)
5 monster complexes 75/95
25 KB swings 35/54

Post time to comments.


Candice was just messing around after the SAS DW yesterday.  She was rolling her bar from standing to pushup and back.  Cool move.  A bunch of us got involved and this new move was born (thanks for your help everyone).  The new move turned into a cool new workout.  We tested it, and it is killer.  Pumped to hear your experiences with it.  Please let us know your thoughts to comments. 

This will be a full-body experience.  This workout has it all - push, pull, squat & core!  Your HR will be through the roof the entire time. 

Couple of notes on the workout:

  1. That 250 row is a full-out sprint.  Storm it!
  2. The KB is a much higher weight than we usually work with.  If you've never swung a big KB, please check your form with a trainer using a lighter KB before going heavier.  


For those of you who don't have access to a weighted rolling bar, a good sub could be:

 1 burpee ground to OH 15/20 ea. with a 15" step up. 

Make sure you step up with a different foot each time.


Push, pull, squat & core!  What more could you ask for in a move?