6 rounds for time:

20 twist punch R M/H
20 twist punch L M/H
20 plank snatch 15/20
20 plank snatch 15/20
20 tick tocks R 25/35
20 tick tocks L 25/25
20 box jumps

Post time to comments.


Off-Site Workout #5 - Hoover Ball (Conducted at 6am & 7:30 pm)

- Meet at the West Bountiful City Park (map) @ 550 W. Pages Lane, West Bountiful, Utah.
- Bring water.

Teams will be divided up into groups of 10-15.  Game is played using a 4lb Dynamax medicine ball.  Each game will be scored to 15 pts. (tennis rules) winner by 2 pts.  We will use standard Hoover Ball rules with these 2 exceptions:

1.  There are no back outs.
2.  Team may pass 1 time.   

Post Rx and names of teammates learned to comments.  


Those who cannot find a team to play Hoover Ball with may complete the following subs:

1.  2 mile run stopping every 30 sec to complete 2 burpees


2.  Shoot 100 baskets (misses do not count) on a 10 foot rim.  

Post rx to comments.


Ok, this has been an amazing week.  Even if you aren't following the Rx+ challenge, I've heard many of you are still cleaning up your diets and pushing hard.  For those of you doing BCD, have you given any thought to what you'll be doing next?  

Now is the time to get something planned and in place for when you come off this thing on Saturday afternoon.  It'll be perfectly fine to take the rest of Saturday off, but after that you really need to buckle down.  Rx+ week has amazing ability to generate healthy momentum. You've been through hell this week.  Walked through the refiner's fire.  Can't waste what you've worked so hard for.  

May we suggest one of the fine meal plans you can find right here on the site?  Maybe you prefer a diet?  We've got them too.  There are any number of healthy eating websites listed down the right-hand side of this page.  Those folks have got amazing ideas on eating healthy.  Even better, they have links to other original folks who are just as passionate about helping you as we all are.  There is no end to this.  So, the only problem becomes narrowing it down to what will work best for you.  

If you have an eating plan that works for you, please share it in comments.  If you have a favorite nutrition site, please link it to comments.  

Here are my two favs - Body of a Mother, & Meals & Moves.  Can't go wrong with either.  



Terry heart GPP!