Special times today for the workouts.  Our operating hours will be from 7-9am.  We've got a special event cooked up for the end of Rx+ week.  Actually, it is 4 events.  We encourage you to to make it to as many of these workouts as possible.  In total it should only last around 2 hours.  

If you can't make it for all of the events in their entirety - no problem.  Come to as much of any, or all that you'd like.  We are posting approximate times for the start of each.  


Workout 1 - The Burpee Half Mile (starts 7am)

- Meet at J. A. Taylor elementary school.  293 E. Pages Lane (map).  On the North field.  

Class will complete burpee broad jumps - OTC.  We will cover approx 1/2 mile in distance, or 30 mins work (whichever comes first).  

Rest 10 min

Workout 2 - Swipers 3 rounds (starts approx 7:45am)

- @ GPP HQ

3 rounds OTC (On Trainer's Count) -

20 DB halos 15/20
20 floor Jacks
20 side Jacks R
20 side Jacks L
20 Superman Jacks
20 swipers 15/20

Rest 10 min

Workout 3 - Jump! Part 3 - approx 20 min. (starts approx 8:10am)

- @ GPP HQ

Part 3 - (run throughs) 15 meter sprints with no less than 8 obstacles.  Each of the following will be done for 6 passes.

high knee turnaround sprints
front hops 
karaoke (grapevines)
side hops R
high knee turnaround sprints
side hops L
squat jumps
plate hop burpees
rolling pushups
high knee sprints

Rest 10 min 

Workout #4 - Caterpillar AFAP (Starts approx 8:40)

- @ GPP HQ

GPPeeps are to assemble into 2 teams.  Each team member will grab a weight 20/25 and stack it into a designated chalk circle.  Team is to move entire pile of weights 200m + to the stop sign at 1200 South where you will stack weights.  The entire team is to leave the pile of weights behind and sprint 400m together.  The end of the sprint will put you back at your pile of weights.  Team is to take entire pile back to the gym.  


- No team member is to make any progression towards end goal of task while holding a weight.  The weight may move; YOU may not.  
- Workout is over once all weights are stacked neatly in their respective places in the gym.  


Had to post this from Friday's comments section.  There were a lot of cool comments there.  If you don't regularly read them, you'll want to take a peek at them today.  Amazing words of great wisdom and inspiration.  Wish I could post them all.  -N

It's Just One Day

Every year my extended family goes to Bear Lake for the day and when we are finished we get shakes. This year our trip occurred during Rx+week. My husband asked if I was going to get a shake. I said no. He replied, "Oh come on now. It's just one day." I passed.

I have been thinking about that statement, "It's just one day," and how just one day is holding me back from reaching my ideal health goals.

I started thinking about all the birthdays, holidays, annual traditions etc., that find me using the excuse, "It's just one day" to justify poor eating choices. So I wrote them down. In my little family of five divine souls, there are 42 "just one days." Start adding the annual vacation, camping trip and extended family functions and that's a whole lot of just one days that usually spill over into one or more days with leftovers.

So anyway with the self-evaluation I have been doing this week, I decided to use "It's just one day" as my mantra. I can choose to pass on the birthday cake, the shake, the smore's, the second serving, the whatever....because after all,

"It's Just One Day."

Posted August 17, 2012 by Jodi


This thing is going to look good ON!  You can order yours after your workout today.  All orders must be paid in full ($20 + tax).