For time:

100 squats
100 pushups (strict)
100 situps
100 Aussie pullups
100 walking lunges
1 mile run or 1600m row

Post time to comments.


You may not partition reps for the Dalton workout.  Once you start an exercise you must finish it (or your scaled portion of it) before moving to the next exercise. 

Also, be careful with those Aussies.  If you have little experience with this movement, or if it has been a while since you performed them, consider scaling this workout a bit. They have been known to produce soreness, swelling and injury if misused.


Need some extra motivation?  Catch the comments section from yesterday's workout post.  Amazing stories.  Just AMAZING.  Thank you all. 


Troy and Drey storming it from GPP Saigon!  For those of you wondering how the Holzers are doing you can follow them HERE.  Interesting stuff.  Those snakes and frogs were a trip.