For time:

1 mile run
50 pullups
75 pushups
150 squats

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Our "SuperFits" can do this workout in under 20 min.


Fitzoner is one of our benchmark workouts.  It is reasonable to consider that you would measure a portion of your health and fitness against your progress within this workout.  The standing (confirmed, that we know of) record is: Males - 11:47; Females - 11:59.


It is getting to be that time of year again.  The sun is out.  Days are heating up.  And you have a lot of active things planned for the summer.  When is it too hot to exercise?  What are things you need to look out for when exercising in the heat?

Probably the most important thing to know about exercising in the heat is it is OK to do it - to a point.  But you need to be careful.  There are things to be extra aware of.  Here are the most important:

1.  Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  They could save your life or the life of someone you love.  

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion - General fatigue, weakness, nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps and increased body temp.  

Symptoms of Heat Stroke - Body temps above 104, an inability to sweat, trouble breathing and loss of consciousness.  

Both are very serious and can cause severe/permanent injury or death.  At the first signs of heat exhaustion, stop exercising, move into the cool/shade and cool your body.  Drink plenty of water.  

2. You must stay hydrated.  You lose a lot more fluids in the heat.  Watching your urine color may not be sufficient for gauging hydration levels when you are very active in the heat.  And by the time you are thirsty, it may be too late to catch you up to safe levels.  

Drink as much as 20oz within 2 hours of a workout.  Drink 8oz, or so every 15 minutes of continuous activity.  Remember to replace electrolytes too.  I alternate between an electrolyte drink and plain water every 15 minutes of biking.  

3.  Give your body time to adjust to the heat.  It takes about 15 days of continuous exposure to get more used to the heat.  But, take all the precautions above whether you feel acclimatized or not.  

4.  Wear loose fitting, light colored, breathable clothing.  Cover your head.  Shade your eyes.

5.  Be aware of the Heat Index.  Use EXTRA caution when exercising in a heat index above 90!  Remember, it may not be 90 degrees outside and the heat index might still be above 90.