For time:

1600 m row (or 160 rowing alt.)
200 KB swings 25/35
1000 rope jumps
200 box jumps
200 situps
200 squats
200 ab bridge jacks

Post time to comments.


Hunker down for a super LONG workout today.  Some folks spent as much as 65 mins last time finishing it.  


From comments:

Q: "Neil, What do you think of lifting gloves?" - MI girl 

A: My favorite answer to this question comes from Mark Rippetoe (An amazing strength coach - and pretty clever with a phrase).  He says:

"If you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse."  

"Rip" is pretty clever.  Check out more quotes HERE (WARNING - he's a little rough around the edges). Although it is my fav response to this question, I don't necessarily agree with it.  I just find it entertaining.  

I'm good with any aid/device/apparatus, or article of clothing that may help you (real or imagined) storm a GPP workout, providing it does not interfere with you receiving ALL of the intended benefits of that workout.  

It seems like this should be where I talk at length about how things like, wrist straps take away from your grip strength and make you weaker (globally) for using them.  Or, how weight belts should be worn sparingly, otherwise your core strength will suffer exposing you to serious potential injury.  Or, how running a 400m in Kangoo Jumps won't yield the same benefits as running in your normal running shoes.  But, let's not open that can of worms.  Frankly, there would be folks who could make a pretty good case for why THEY should wear wrist straps (a friend of mine lost 3 fingers in a car accident).  So, instead of splitting hairs, lets just settle on using some common sense while applying the spirit of the words from the paragraph above.  

Great question MI girl.  Thanks.


It has only been a few months and Nicole is getting RIPPED!