1 round of:

Tabata BTB squats (you must "rest" in the bottom of the squat)


On trainer's count perform 5 rounds of the following:

20 v-ups
20 T2T side ups R
20 T2T side ups L
20 T2T superman back ext
20 T2T tap down crunches
20 sec ab bridges

Post total reps completed per exercise to comments.


Just wanted to give you a little heads up about our programming over the next couple of weeks.  With this time of year being as stressful as it is, and with all you have going on, expect a tiny (very tiny) let up in intensity.  It makes sense to back off a little in order to stay healthy through the holidays.  It won't last long though.  You've got about 10 days to rest your body a little before the first of the year.  Come January 2...we are going to HIT IT HARD!  Expect all of January to be pretty laborious.  I promise...we'll get back any fitness we lost - and then some! 

HELLth Week 2012 begins Jan 2! (There will be minor changes in the programming for this HELLth week this year - We have discovered ways of making what was hard - a little harder).


Lou getting warmed up.