4 rounds at 70% intensity

400m rock run 6/8 (switch hands at 200m)
20 med ball slams 6/8
20 med ball pushups
10 wall ball singles (R) 6/8
10 wall ball singles (L) 6/8

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WATCH OUT for those Med Ball Slams today!  Over the years several of my clients have learned the hard way (fat lips, black eyes, bloody noses, chipped teeth...) that a medicine ball BOUNCES BACK!  If you get caught up in the moment and slam that med ball down while following through with your body, you will learn why the stupid must suffer!  Not calling you stupid here.  Just saying you will suffer like the stupid.  :)


Holiday hours are unchanged this season.  Since both holidays fall on Sunday, we will continue with our regular weekly schedule.


Ho Ho Ho!  Look what Santa brought GPP!  Thank you so much, to all you Santas.