30 straight leg situps
3 sets of 30 seconds ea. piriformis stretch and low back stretch


AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

4 DB thrusters AHAP
4 power cleans AHAP
4 OH DB press (strict) AHAP
4 chinups

Post weights used and rounds completed to comments.


Heavy "D" is one of our oldest workouts.  The benefits of this workout are incredible, but only if you do it right.  To do this right you'll need to put some time into seeing where you are physically today.  To get the most out of this workout you'll need to find your absolute 4 rep max (assumes safety and good form) on all three of the exercises that call for weight above.   

You should struggle to complete each set and then literally run to the next exercise to begin performing reps.  It is VERY intense.  Try not to leave much in the tank after this workout. 

Rookies - It'd be a bad idea to plow this thing like the vets are going to do.  Instead, stay with the intention of the workout by adding a little more weight than you have been using for the last few workouts and try to complete this workout with a little more intensity and a little less rest. 


We are bringing back the Straight Leg Situp!  Bold, right?