Warm-Up - Storm 3 of the following:

3 min plate switches
1600 m row
800 m run
100 double unders (or 300 singles)
100 KB swings 25/35
3 laps on the elliptical 8/10
5 mins spin bike jogging (out of the saddle)

Workout -

Perform 3 straight sets of each of the following.  It is best if done in the order given.

3 jerks AHAP
8 push press AHAP
12 OH press (strict) AHAP

Post weights used per exercise to comments.

Workout Notes:

  • It is always best to perform exercises which are most complex first.  Fatiguing your muscles, nervous system and/or metabolic pathways prior to performing complex movements can be detrimental to both performance and safety. 
  • Complex, or "compound" exercises can be defined as those which involve use of multiple joints, muscle groups and/or movement patterns.  Squats are good examples of a compound/complex movements. 
  • For today's workout, get a good warm-up (3 of the above) and perform several lighter sets of jerks before piling the weight on.  Next go to the pushpress exercise.  Then, form up on the OH presses.  Rest as much as you need between exercises and sets.  You should be fully recharged before attempting another set.  You only get 3 sets per exercise so each one must count to gain max benefit.  Make sure you post your results.  Doing so will help you know where to get started next time. 
  • AHASP - TL/DR -  ... "AHASP (As Heavy As is Safely Possible) is redundant and condescending." 

Musings ...

GPP Podcast #8 - Denise Druce (Fitness & Yoga Expert) 

In this episode, we catch up with one of my all-time idols and mentor from afar. Denise talks about how her approach to health and fitness has changed over the years. Hint: includes healing time and methods. Also, she teaches me a very effective breathing technique and it works! So cool to "blip out" for a few seconds in the middle of this interview. 

To learn more about Denise go to www.denisedruce.com
Instagram @denisedruce
To support: www.yogaforward.org