4 rounds for time:

400 m run
20 KB swings 25/35
20 OH DB press (strict) 15/20
250 m row
20 Aussie pullups
20 ski squats med/heavy

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Add 5 reps to each.

Workout Notes: 

  • You may use cables (with ropes) for the ski squats if you like. Please let us know which number on the weight stack corresponds with M/H bands. We have yet to make that determination since the cables are so new.  
  • A pretty constant alt. for a 400m run is any full body movement lasting approximately 2 min (today only).  Burpeeshigh knee band sprintsbox jumpsplate switches and YES even the elliptical at your local gym will all suffice. 
  • Running is always best.  There is just something natural and, sort of magic about running that helps your body to become fit.  However, where you can't - you just can't.  Where this is the case, (and ONLY temporarily) alt. with a 2 min sub.  Please post sub to comments.  
  • Running is (Probably) Human - Musings by Neil

Musings ...

Anarchy on Team Black! 

From LeAnn Jones (Animal House Fitness - GPP Durham) -

"You KNOW we love y'all but we're going rogue! I've got to work on my smack talking but Team Blue has erupted and will beat Team Black and Team Camo - any day, any way - BOOM! Bring it! We bleed Blue."  

Well played Durham! Well Played! 

Wondering how the Team Competition works? It goes like this: 

  • We will be forming teams behind strong leaders. Thought there would only be 2 teams. Turns out there are THREE. Who knows, maybe there will be more? Boston? NWA? Where the PEEPs at???
  • Each team will assemble players. Probably upwards of 30 players per team, but things seem to be changing fast.
  • Each player will be able to accumulate a MAX of 5 total pts per day to contribute to their team. 
  • A single point will be awarded in 5 different categories. These are: 
    • Daily Workout (GPP) = 1 pt
    • Daily Nutrition (You gotta commit to something) = 1 pt
    • Daily Spiritual (meditate, pray, good deed) = 1 pt
    • Daily Community (GPP website, GPP social media, like, tag, comment, share) = 1 pt
    • Daily Physical Activity (20 min of hiking, biking, gardening, etc) = 1 pt 
  • Teams will accumulate total points and race each other to an end goal. At first, we thought that would be 15-20 players per team and we'd race to 1500 points. We figured it would take the winning team approx 4 weeks to accumulate all of the points. We know now, there will probably be more pts.  
  • Points will be tracked on a board at GPP HQ. Or, if we find someone real techy, we'd do it electronically and add to the website. We have 2 weeks to figure this out. 
  • First team to the total points WINS! 
  • So far, only thing at stake is PRIDE! Thing is, we are fairly certain there will be more. Like, cool one-off hats or t-shirts or something.
  • Teams have until March 4 to lock in players.
  • Competitions begins March 5th.
  • Sniping and poaching players is allowed until March 4th. GAME ON!!!

SLCTH steps up to the big leagues! 

SLCTH steps up to the big leagues!