Begin with:

3 kipping pullups
10 kettle squats 25/35
400 m run

Add 3 pullups & 10 kettle squats and complete another round.  Continue adding 3/10 reps to rounds for as long as you are able.  Take no break-sets. Upon your first break-set (pause in the movement) you have finished the workout.  Move quickly between exercises.

Post longest string of pullups & kettle squats completed to comments. 

Workout Notes:


  • That Kettle Squat is a very different thing from our normal GPP KB swing. Please see vid to the R for explanation.
  • Get those squats to parallel! 
  • Pull the KB down at belly button height. 
  • If you have a net total of "0" kipping pullups, you may begin with Jumping pullups instead. Start at 5 reps and go up by 5 reps per round.
  • Careful now ... It's been a while since we did high volume kips. If you haven't been keeping up with em in your off time, or if you've missed the last few we've done - scale baby, SCALE!
  • A "break-set" is where you pause for a rest in the middle of a work set. Today, you get no breaks. Try instead to string every rep consecutively. Doing so will help you break through fitness plateaus. 
  • The GPP Jumping Pullup.
  • How to do a Kipping Pullup.

Next GPP Challenge! 

The Next Challenge has been thrown down! Many, many details to come. Fun times ahead. Srsly. I don't really remember the last time I laughed this hard.

It's a participation challenge. Each team member can earn up to 5 points a day for their team. From there it's a race! First team to the allotted points (it keeps changing, stay tuned) wins! Prizes = PRIDE and maybe some other stuff. Haha! 

It's not about weight loss or who can lift the most weight or do the most reps. It's just about participation. EVERYONE, no matter what fitness level can add the same amount of points as the each other! 

If you need a kick start, some motivation or just want to WIN (not super serious - mostly), comment with your name below. We will contact you and assign you a team. Unless you already have a preference for a team. 

Teams are: 

TEAM BLACK (lead by me) & TEAM CAMO (lead by Tony Lawson)

Challenge begins Mar 5! Tell your friends. This may be the kick in the pants they need to sprint their way into short sleeves season!