For time:

1 min cardio
50 Smith machine bench press 65/95
1 min cardio
50 jumping pullups
1 min cardio
50 goblet squats 15/20
1 min cardio
50 situps
1 min cardio
50 stab ball back ext
1 min cardio
50 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea. 
1 min cardio
50 triceps cable push downs 5/7

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Replace 1 min cardio for 2 min!

Workout Notes: 

  1. That Smith machine bench press is cool. Hope you kept a record of the weights you used last time, some of you got pretty sore from this.  
  2. I wouldn't do this on a regular bench press. 50 presses is NO JOKE! Don't want to put yourself at risk of dropping the weight on your neck! 
  3. Don't alternate the biceps curls. 
  4. If you KNOW (a few of you salty vets will) you'll go under 20 min to get this done, do the extras! 
  5. Post your time. 

Musings ...

Never Miss a Monday! 

Mondays are the most powerful day to workout. Srsly. Science has shown, those who workout on Mondays are more successful in other aspects of their lives. Did you know ...

  • Those who workout on Monday are more likely to do more workouts through the week AND have higher quality workouts? 
  • You'll be happier throughout the week if you workout on Mondays. Did you know the average office worker doesn't even crack a smile until close to noon?   
  • You'll have less anxiety throughout the week.
  • You'll have more self-control. Exercise produces a hormone called GABA that is responsible for helping you quell cravings.

What I'm saying is, to nail this 40 workout thing, you've gotta get into it today. :)

BTW - Are you on course? Please post total number of workouts completed so far to comments. 

I'm at 11 = on track!