Warm-up (Hardcore Pyramids) -

10 jump squats on min 1
15 jump squats on min 2
20 jump squats on min 3
25 jump squats on min 4
30 jump squats on min 5
30 jump squats on min 6
25 jump squats on min 7
20 jump squats on min 8
15 jump squats on min 9
10 jump squats on min 10 


5 sets of 5 back squats AHAP

Rest as needed between sets of squats.
Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Rest 2 min, then repeat entire pyramid sequence subbing tap down crunches for jump squats.

  Workout Notes: 

  • Might search for your comments on the last time we did pyramids with jump squats. A few folks got wrecked last time, if I remember correctly. Might pay to have a look back. Just sayin.
  • When you go heavy for a 5x5 the point is not to go to the burn. You should instead work hard to find a weight that challenges you to achieve 5 reps without hitting the wall, but you should get close.
  • If you do this right, you should be completely recovered before attempting your next set. Rest plenty.
  • If you do it right, you should you should find a weight that mandates 2-5 min of rest.

Folks are following along with our 40 workout challenge from all over the world! Shout out to Craig S. all the way from Namsan in Soul, Korea! Thanks for the pics Craig!