For time:

20 squats (air)
200m run

30 squats (air)
400 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

30 squats (air)
400m run

20 squats (air)
200 m run

Post time to comments. 

Daily Extras - To each round add the same amount of situps and superman back extensions as you have done squats for. 

Workout Notes:

  1. Note the two 800s back to back.
  2. Squats are named for how they are weighted.
  3. No sloppy squats!
  4. Many of you should be doing the extras today.
  5. Vets ... read "My Lesson in Pain" below. Do as you see fit. 


My Lesson in Pain...

Last time we did this was in April. On a whim, I thought I'd do it weighted. So I loaded up a squat bar on the Smith machine with a paltry 85 lbs and proceeded to put a whoopin' on myself. 

It was ROUGH! 

I limped for the better part of 3 days after that. I was sore for the next 5. No, that's not 5 days of sore. It's 8! It was the stupidest thing I had done to myself since the "Thrust-O-Rama of 2011." Some of you remember that one! I swore I'd never do that to myself EVER again. 

But, I'm going to - sort of.

Today I will modify my "Squatch" with weights and the barbell. NOT the Smith machine again. I'm going to suggest you vets do the same (if you are ready). Doing so will put us more in tune with our Tuesday programming methods.

I'm going to use 65 lbs. Gents this will get you close. Ladies, consider using 45. 

Please post your results to comments. Super interested in seeing how this affects you! You'll probably breeze it, but I didn't.  

Inspired by a kinder, gentler world and by the pic above, I have resolved to change the pricing structure at GPP. From now on, GPP prices are as follows :)

Monthly Unlimited
$200 per month

Monthly Unlimited with "Hi Neil" Daily
$150 per month

Monthly Unlimited with "Hi Neil ..., Goodbye Neil" Daily
Whatever we are charging you now...