100 tap down crunches

2 rounds of:
10 front squats AHAP
:90 sec 1 leg elliptical R 6/8

100 superman back ext.

2 rounds of:
10 heavy front squats AHAP
:90 sec 1 leg elliptical L 6/8

50 tick tocks R 25/35

2 rounds of:
10 OH step back lunges R AHAP
:90 sec 1 leg pedaling R (circles)

50 tick tock L 25/35

2 rounds of:
10 OH step back lunges L AHAP
:90 sec 1 leg pedaling L (circles)

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 3 rounds each. Vets only.


Workout Notes:

Perfect! (Gordon)

Perfect! (Gordon)

  • 2 sets of 10 will require focus! Slack off for even 5 reps you'll lose 25% of the benefits of this workout. Go heavy vets.
  • How long should you rest between sets? Who said anything about rest?
  • When you don't get much rest, expect the weights to change with every set, unless you have superpowers. Rich isn't a superpower (looking at you Batman). 
  • The OH step back lunge video shows and alternating lunge step. For the purposes of today's workout do not alternate. Step back with the same leg for all 10.
  • Do this workout in any order. If you bounce around the workout don't tell me about it. It'll mess with my OCD.
  • The elliptical and spin biking is meant to tear you up. Don't coast these.
  • Elliptical speed should stay above 65 RPM.
  • If no elliptical ... do single leg walking lunges for equal time. It looks like THIS sans biceps curl.
  • If no bike ... do SLS2S raw. "Raw" means no weight here.

It's how to identify a Peep.