You have 5 min to complete the series below. Your rest is commensurate with finish time. A new series begins every 5 min. Complete 4 series of work.

35 press jacks 15/20 ea.
35 squats
35 v-ups
35 bent rows 45/65

Post rest times per series to comments.

Daily Extras -

  1. Using your own clock, a new series begins every 3:20.
  2. Complete 5 series of work.
  3. Jog 1 mile after.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's the V-ups the get you on this one. 
  • You may use monkey motion on the bent rows.
  • Do the BRs with palms facing away from you as demonstrated in the vid (just for today). It places more focus on the biceps. 
  • 2 minutes is too much rest for this workout. It was designed for 60-90 sec rest. If you are getting more, consider the extras. 
  • Please post those times to comments. Want to see how this is making ya'll feel. 
  • Especially post if you did the extras. 

Foxley sent this while using his fitness this weekend!