Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.

plate switches 
uni DB thrusters R 15/20
uni DB thrusters L 15/20
elliptical 10/12 (speed 65+)
ski squats M/H
spin bike sprints
alt. pass through step back lunges 15/20 (R+L=1)

I always write, "post total reps to comments." Since nobody really counts these, post a fitness hack to comments. Please gear towards rookies. 

Daily Extras - 

Choose 2 of the movements above (or a weak area) and do them again! 

Workout Notes:

  1. Over the years I've insisted that you count reps of the Tabata's and post to comments. I realize now, this is mostly impossible for most of us. Instead, post approx reps per round of Tabata's to comments. Or, just do the hack thing. Seriously, nobody ever posted a hack yet. It's weird.
  2. Let me know what you think about that uni DB thruster.
  3. Stay back on those heels throughout the thruster.
  4. Note the high resistance level of the elliptical. 
  5. Ski squats should balance out the the thrusters. Don't skip them. 
  6. Chest up and high on the pass through lunges please. 

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