Four rounds for time:

20 squats
50 SLP (R) moderate resistance
20 squats
50 SLP (L) moderate resistance
20 snaking pushups
.13 mi. uni elliptipush (R) 0/2
20 snaking pushups
.13 mi. uni elliptipush (L) 0/2
10 jumping pullups
50 high uni band pulls l/m
10 jumping pullups
50 high uni band pulls l/m

Post time to comments. 

Off-site no bikes/ellipticals? 

  • Sub 50 SLPs (R) for 25 single leg walking lunges. lead with R leg every lunge.
  • Sub .13 mi. elliptipush (R) for 30 uni press jacks (R) 10/15. Do a press jack one sided using a lighter weight. 

Daily Extras - If you are through with all rounds by 35 min, please do another.

Workout Notes: 

  • Pedal in circles. Keep the seat in it's lowest position. Yes, it might be more efficient to lift the seat. Surely that will help you pedal further and faster. But we are exercising here. Don't care about efficiency. Sometimes less efficiency is more exercise. Not saying there aren't times we need more efficiency...
  • SLP = Single Leg Pedaling
  • Elliptipushes are to be done flat out. Work HARD! If the machine is getting away from you, increase the resistance. We suggest 0/2 at first. 
  • I'm suggesting a light/med (l/m) band for those band pulls. There are a lot of them. Not looking to get your arms sore. The jumping pullups are the anchor exercise here. I'm hoping you'll get tired while doing the pullups and actively recover during the band pulls. Haha, just kidding. That won't happen. If the lighter weighted band isn't touching you, go heavier. 
  • Don't move your hips/torso during band pulls.
  • We haven't been doing a lot pullups lately. Go easy at them. Unless you know you'll be fine. In that case go ahead and jump up to full kips. 

Please study this vid.

5pm knows running in place means going places!