Begin with 2 reps.  Add 2 reps per minute for as long as you are able.  Once you max out, take a minute off and then go back down the hill.  Begin with the number you maxed out at and subtract 2 reps per minute until you you have completed your final 2 reps.  Exercise is:

DB floor to OH 15/20 ea.

Post highest round completed and how far back down the hill you came.  Those who complete the last 2 reps in sequence receive the Rx.

Workout Notes:

  • It's weird to think we just did this 6 weeks ago. 
  • I know it's not VD, but tradition states we do this one today. :)
  • Yes, sometime soon I will get off my duff and create some NEW vids. 
  • It is extremely important that you be careful to stay in neutral spine position today throughout this movement.  
  • Today's workout (like many GPP workouts) is a "Soul Crusher."  When we do these types of workouts it is tempting to just push your body to it's outer limits.  This is FINE and there can be much benefit in doing this - AS LONG AS YOU STAY SAFE!  
  • Going up the hill is the easy part!

Adelaide was showing me her turns on the ice. Hehe.

I fulfilled a life-long dream this year. I taught my kids to ice skate. 

I used to LOVE ice skating! As a farmer/rancher's son, I grew up next to a large irrigation canal which ran North and South intersecting our property. In the winter, my family and I couldn't wait for the ice to freeze so we could go ice skating. We'd skate for miles and miles, day after day, down that canal and back. We had so much fun. I remember telling my brother once, "I'm going to do this all my life, I'm even going to teach my kids to skate!"

Haha, the last time I skated on the ice I was 19! Don't go get your calculator, I'll do the math for you. That was 26 years ago. But that promise I made to my brother lingered in the back of my mind for 2 1/2 decades. 

This year my daughter (pic) was invited to a skating party. She FRICKIN loved it! She begged and begged me for over two weeks to take her again. I was actually trying to blow her off when I "promised?" (I DON'T remember saying the word "promise.") I figured if I kept putting her off she'd eventually forget about the whole thing and just move on. Apparently I have a lot more to learn about raising a (shall we say, persistent?) 7 y/o daughter. 

Not going to lie. I was scared. Wasn't sure I could still do it. Even more scared of falling at my age. But somehow Addie was convinced I'd be fine. Know what? I WAS! After 26 yrs, I was back up to speed within a few minutes. Even drug my boys along and got them into it. Now they regularly call friends and go skating without me. It makes me pretty proud. 

I guess there is a lesson in this somewhere. Probably a few of them. I may try to illuminate my thoughts on those later. For now I'll just stick with bragging.

I FULFILLED A LIFE-LONG DREAM! Not going lie, it feels good.