Using a Tabata clock, pick a couplet below and start storming. Complete as many reps as possible for Exercise #1 during the first 20 sec. When you hear the bell, transition immediately (NO REST) to the second exercise (#2) and perform as many reps as possible for 10 seconds. Continue moving back and forth between exercises (without rest) until you've completed 8 rounds of each.

Upon completing 8 rounds of each, rest for 1 min. Then flip-flop the exercises so that you are now doing 20 sec of exercise #2 and 10 sec of exercise #1 of the SAME couplet.

After you've completed each couplet TWO TIMES THROUGH after flip-flopping the order of exercises ONCE, you may put that couplet to bed and storm the next one. Rest only 1 minute between couplets.

first couplet:
ex #1 - KB swings 25/35
ex #2 - KB light deads 25/35

second couplet:
ex #1 - plank jacks
ex #2 - plank

third couplet:  
ex #1 - v-ups
ex #2 - situps

Post Rx or rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - Add this couplet:

tic-tocks R 25/35
tic-tocks L 25/35

Workout Notes: 

  • Remember, you have to do each couplet ONLY twice. Do it first with ex #1 in the :20 sec spot, then do it again with ex #2 in the 20 sec spot. 
  • Try to minimize transition times. You'll need to keep equipment VERY close. If you let 5 seconds go by during the transition you'll waste a very high percentage of the benefits of this workout.
  •  Don't stop. Ever! Just keep grinding until your 4+ mins are up! 

Solidaridad Week!

We meed a mini-hellth week. A LOT of you are just coming back from summer vacation. A little kick in the pants wouldn't hurt to get us all back into the saddle again. 

I was talking to Antonio at onelife (GPP Merida). A lot of them are just getting back from summer vacation too. It seems we could ALL use a little kick in the pants. 

I propose a mini-hellth week to tune-up our collective, multi-national backsides! Only, I HATE the word "mini." It's so diminutive. NOTHING about one of our hellth weeks is diminutive. So, I propose we call it something like "Solidaridad" week. A week where we all breath heavy with our brothers and sisters in Mexico! Maybe we can get them to send us some vids and then we can send some back! It'll be fun. 

This hellth week is going to be aimed at your HR. We breathe heavy - LONG TIME! It will be all the work, sans the soreness which is typically accompanied by our HELLth weeks. 

You don't have to do anything special. Just show up. We'll do the rest. Solidaridad week starts Sept 7th! Tiempos felices will be had by all! 

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