Complete 4 straight sets of each of the following in any order. Take no more than 90 sec rest per set.

BB biceps curls heavy
triceps OH ext. heavy
db alt. biceps curls (strict) heavy
triceps push downs (band) heavy
10 burpee box jumps
20 squats

Post weights used per set to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

20 min steady state cardio

Workout Notes:

  1. You can make this workout into antagonist supersets.
  2. You can stack the leg stuff.
  3. Monkey motion somewhat OK for all but alt curls.
  4. If you MM up, you must strict down. Get that negative. 

Some experts claim there are over 7800 nerve endings in the bottom of your foot. Many of these nerve endings help you sense your body position in relation to your surroundings. Shoes can dampen sensitivity. 

If you are really struggling with a movement, or lift. Take your shoes off. Good luck with this at your local Globo-type-gym. :)