EMOM for 10 min complete:
80 rope jumps
rest 1 min, then

EMOM for 10 min complete:
25 KB swings 25/35
rest 1 min, then

EMOM for 10 min complete:

Post reps missed from each category and general thoughts to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  1. WAIT! Just wait. Before you leave forever, please check out the video explanation of this. There is a good reason. I promise!

Many have wondered, who does more work during a pushup (done from arms fully extended down to chest on floor and back), those with larger , or smaller chests?

I've always laughed this question off. Thought it would be sophomoric to answer. Then, the other day it became a somewhat heated topic of very serious discussion. So, I took pen to paper (above), did some investigating, and now I know ...

Uninterested? Stop here. It's enough to know that I know. And could tell you if you asked. 

Interested? Join us below please ...  

The question goes like this: If two people were exactly alike in every way (weight, lever arms, distance travelled, muscular attachments, etc.), who would do more work during a pushup? Would it be the person (I guess it doesn't have to be a female, really) with a smaller chest who therefore travels further, or would it be the person with a bigger chest and therefore had to carry more weight, albeit a shorter distance?

What's your guess?

After consulting with a breast expert (we called the office of a physician who specializes in breast augmentations) we learned that a single 550cc breast would weigh approx 1.43 lbs. When calculated for weight X distance traveled (all other variables being the same), it appears the person who travels further does more work.

And now you know.