For time:

100 squats
100 pushups (strict)
100 situps
100 Aussie pullups
100 walking lunges (L+R=2)
1 mile run or 1600m row

You may NOT partition exercises.
Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Do both miles. IOW if you picked the run, you must row also. If you chose the row, now you must run also. 

Workout Notes: 

  1. You may NOT partition exercises. 
  2. Be careful with those Aussies!
  3. Kind of light on lunges with this workout. Vets, try these

We've been promoting our new Podcast for around a month now. We're excited about this new venture. A little nervous too. Mainly because we don't know what we are doing. We know health and fitness, but podcasting is a horse of a different color. Please give us time. We'll figure it out. It won't be long before we are adding to the health and fitness dialogue in a more natural and meaningful way. 

Why a podcast?

We are hoping to lend an actual weekly (Sundays) voice to the pursuit of health and fitness. So far, all of our efforts have been in writing and in pictures. We can do more. 

What do we have lined up? Cool stuff. Seriously.

Each week we'll scrutinize health news; discuss new concepts & ideas; examine/review products and services - all related to Health & Fitness. We've already got some local politicians & national health and fitness icons lined up for interviews! 

We'll also help to keep the H & F industrial complex a little more honest with some hard hitting interviews and discussions. Seems like there is a particular need for that in this genre. 

Our goal this week is to anchor this podcast in several different places. Hopefully by next Sunday you'll be able to download and listen through itunes. 

Hope you'll have a listen. Let us know your ideas for improvements, subject matter, and guests to comments. Also, don't forget to "like" and "share."  

Hilarious! (Dr. Paul)