10 front squats AHAP
10 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 1-3 min. 

8 front squats AHAP
8 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 1-3 min.

6 front squats AHAP
6 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

4 front squats AHAP
4 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

2 front squats AHAP
2 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

1 burnout set of front squats (use 50% of weight used on 2 rep set)

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - 2 rounds of: 

50 bar kicks 25/45
2 min plank hold
2 min plank w/elbows on stab ball
2 min 6" leg raise 

Workout Notes:

  1. FYI - squats are named after how they are weighted.
  2. Front squats are superior. They are our fav weighted squat. 
  3. If your wrists hurt, you are FS'ing wrong!
  4. Burnout = to the pain (or JUST before bad form) 

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Janetha takes things up a notch with "weighted" lunges! Well played!