Compete 7 rounds.  Rest precisely 45 seconds between each exercise. 

weighted pushups (heavy)
10 OH triceps press (heavy)
20 chair dips

Post weight of pushups and strings of consecutive reps from other exercises to comments. 

The is not a workout of quickly repeated rounds.  You must rest between each exercise. It will be tempting to treat this like a M,W or F workout.  Remember, we go a bit slower most Tuesdays.  You still want to go down the list in order, but take your rests.  

Last time we did this workout we remember liking it a ton for the shaping effect and extra triceps stimulation. The triceps are integral to most pushing movements. Isolating them between two multi-joint pushes has a cool effect.

Be sure to KEEP YOUR FORM on those chair dips! Those chair dips will be rough after heavy pushups and a heavy tri set. You'll have a tenancy to put more hips into them. Try to limit your hip involvement. The point of this workout is to strengthen and develop pecs, delts, and tris. If you end up using your hips and legs to finish your dips, you miss the strength and development we are after.

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