1 time through.  Not timed.

35 pushups
300 rope jumps
35 pullups
400m run
35 KB high Sumos 35/53
35 box jumps
35 OH DB press (strict) 15/20
500m row
35 OH triceps ext 15/25
100 KB swings

Post planned weekend activities to comments.  Have a great weekend!  

Workout Notes:

We love to put workouts like this up at the end of a "ROUGH" week. Workouts like this will help to move some blood around. That'll make you feel a bit better. Probably even help you recover a little faster. I know my abs are still feeling Thursday's workout, as I write this (Friday 4:33 pm-ish) my legs are still Jello from this morn's "Shredder." It could be a long weekend. 

Then again, maybe not. I didn't over do it. "Shredder" has burned me in the past. Okay, like several times. I think I'm learning. Two times ago I didn't get sore at all. Last time I pushed it a bit. It pushed back! This time I did a blended version of last time and the time before. We'll see, right?

Did you overdo it? 

In case you did, make sure you read and follow these guidelines - "Shredder Aftermath" - by Neil.

A lot of folks have found that ICE BATHs are helpful (guidelines in the article). Whether they help you are not, one thing we know for sure is - HEAT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Not this weekend it isn't.

Want to know why you are sore? This article may help to explain it.  

As for today's workout:

You're not on the clock today. Just get your HR up and keep it there. To do this effectively, you'll have to be looking ahead. Know where you are going next and make quick transitions from one exercise to the next.

Can I partition? NO - It's like 35 reps!  Try to get them all in one go! 

Watch out for those pullups. They haven't come up in the programming much lately. If you've been keeping up with them on your own - go for it! If you haven't, break them into small chunks by doing sets of 3-5. If that seems like too many, alternate between jumping pullups and kips. 

Good form all the way down the line!