Complete 3 rounds before moving on.

strict chin-ups
15 BB biceps curls  (strict) 45/65
400 m run

then, complete 3 rounds of: 

10 BB skull crushers 45/65
20 chair dips
400 m run

Workout Notes:

Not timed today. Some of you will want to focus on the shaping benefits of this workout by slowing down the movements. This is best done off the clock. 

However, if you would rather get your "puff" on, go ahead and storm through it. Those of you doing the shaping bias are best served by storming through. 

The difference in benefits between the two workout approaches are somewhat negligible. It's splitting hairs really, but both are valid interpretations of this workout.

Engaging the lay keeps the shoulders and low back healthy during a KB swing.

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Part of the reason we don't swing KBs OH is to keep the lats and rear delts engaged. Keeping them engaged keeps the shoulders and low back healthier.