5 rounds (slower than faster): 

30 situps
30 Superman back ext.
6 moving plank (Alternate start R & L)
30 tic tocks R 25/35
30 tick tocks L 25/35

Post thoughts on difference between this and timed workouts to comments. 
Workout courtesy Becca Nimrod & Spencer Whaley (GPP NWA)


Timed workouts are at the heart of what we do.  They are important for marking and tracking intensity of workouts.  High intensity heavy breathing is one of the keys primarily responsible for the astounding results we see at GPP on a daily basis.   

Intensity has many forms.  Just because one workout (Specter) can put you on the floor in a pile of writhing pain, does not make it more effective than a workout that induces an intense burn to the belly of a muscle you are targeting. 

Try to focus on movement standards today.  Complete full movements to receive the intended benefits of this workout.   


Many of you have been asking about the upcoming Optimum Health Challenge.  Details are soon to come (Monday's workout will contain complete details).   

It will be a "Skin In The Game Challenge."  It's designed to put your butt in a sling (so to speak) to ensure success.  It's cool.  If you fail to achieve your goals - there will be pain.  We haven't done a challenge like this in several years.  They work well.  We prefer challenges where rewards are given, but there are times when pain is a better motivator.  Judging from many of your comments lately, it seems like THIS is one of those times.  haha.   

Prepare yourself.  OHC starts Oct 7!  We will coordinate this through all GPP affiliates.  If you are interested, be sure to hit them up at the beginning of next week.   


GPP Kids fall series begins Oct 1.  Click HERE for more info and to register your kids for bi-weekly FRICKIN awesome workouts. 



Judy, Sydney & Morgan.  Lots of extra credit stuff going on in the gym this week.  Cool.  For more info on having specialized weekly challenges mailed directly to you each Sunday night, please contact Amy@gppfitness.com - $45/year