2 rounds for time.

15 burpees 
35 V-ups 
15 burpees 
35 pushups 
15 burpees 
35 Aussie pullups 
15 burpees  
35 squats 
15 burpees 
35 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.


From Tam in comments: 

" ... In drawing comparisons between GPP and other 'we just want to be badasses' programs, Julia (well actually, her husband) made a funny-but-so-true comment that GPPeeps are "accidental badasses." We don't strive for badassness... we strive for optimal health to improve our lives. The equation doesn't work the other way around. But we reap astounding benefits and results on our quest to being the healthiest version of ourself.

When you look at our workouts, they're actually not any easier than some of the programs out there designed to make you feel like a rough and tough beast just because you did more than maybe you should have. Our workouts are freaking hard. The difference is that ours come with ample warnings and encouragements to only do what your body NEEDS that day to be fit... and not anything more. Some people scoff at 'minimalism' like it's a buzz-word for the weak, when in reality it's what allows us to smartly achieve our fittest and healthiest self. So I guess the joke is on them. :)"


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Wow!  (Jamie and Linds)