Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes perform:

5 burpees + 15 squats (air)

Post any reps missed to comments.

Have you noticed the short workouts this week?  Well, toward the end of the week?  We've had two major things going on this week.   

1 - We've been stacking shoulders.  You'll notice we do a bit of stacking and bias programming from time to time.  This week we really wanted to stay away from your legs (except today)and big primary movers (chest, back, etc.) in anticipation of Rx+ week next week.  We wanted the primary movers to be more fresh for the Hell-beatin' they are going to take next week  (hope you plan on joining us).  It has been a while since we had some added focus on shoulders - so, we went at them!  You're welcome.  Haha. 

2 - We've been tapering (a bit).  Again, we are going to put a bunch of miles on you next week.  These miles will be intense.  The intense miles we log next week will serve many healthy purposes.  As intense as the week is physically, we have found it to be more so in terms of self-discovery.  It is a week that many have used as a launching point for taking their health and fitness to the next level. 

Rx+ Week at GPP - Because amazing health and fitness goes beyond just the physical. 

We are pumped that many of you have expressed interest in joining us for our annual GPP Rx+ week - next week (starts Aug. 5th) It is amazing stuff.  Here is a cool vid of the "hill sprints workout" from last year. 

This year we are approaching it the exact same way as we did last year.  Same workouts, same off-sites, same everything.  We are hoping by doing so, more of you could follow along off-site.  That if you have questions, you can drop them here to the comments section, and those who've been through it before can help to bring you up to speed.    

So, if you are wondering what it is, or how it works here are the basics ... 

Rx+ Week Cliff's Notes

What is RX+?

-5 days of two-a-day workouts (11 total workouts) that will jumpstart your fitness, weight loss, and give momentum to all your fitness and health goals.

What is the goal? 

- The goal is to show up and participate fully in every prescribed workout.  Purists will strive to complete every rep, of every set, of every minute, with perfect form, for the exact weight recommended, etc ... (The workouts during this week are extremely rigorous, it is unreasonable to assume rookies to GPP methodology would be able to do this safely.) 

- Those who "participate fully" in every workout prescribed earn the right to purchase and wear and wear this years Rx+ t-shirt.  It is indeed a privilege to wear an Rx+ shirt.  They have to be earned. 

When are the workouts? 

-Off-site workout times are 6:00am and 7:30pm. Locations TBA daily.  Those participating from afar will need to sort this out ahead of time.  Workouts are posted daily by 2pm MDT. 

Do you have suggestions for spacing workouts?   

-If you generally GPP in the morning, do the off-site at night. If you GPP in the evening, do the off-site in the morning. We prefer 12 hours between each workout, but if you are in a bind, back-to-back em.

RULES for claiming completion (strictly enforced by honor):

1 - Participate fully in all the workouts (11 total). One GPP in class, one off-site. You must sign in. If you are out of town, you MUST take a picture of yourself doing the workouts.  Post to GPP Fit facebook page.  

2 - You must follow a Nutrition Plan PERFECTLY (No point in exercising right if you aren't following it up nutritionally).  Please state your intended nutrition plan up-front (in comments) and post progress with it daily.  Most will be doing a modified version of BCD.  We normally add 300-700 extra calories per day of equal parts CHO/PRO/FATs to help with the increased demand of the Rx+ activities. 

3 - You must post that you completed all of the above to comments daily on the website.  Comments must be logged by 11:59:59 of the day completed.  Part of doing the work is being accountable for it.  Also, this will help bolster our little community.  We are nothing without community.     

If you complete Rx+ Week, you will challenge yourself on every level.  This is more than just physical.  We are excited to storm this with you!


We'll start taking orders for these AFTER next Saturday!